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Imagine coming home very night to a prepared healthy and delicious meal, ready in minutes? Even better is minimal prep or work on your part, save chopping some lettuce or turning on the oven. Not needing to go to the grocery store and having all that extra time to use that gym membership, play with your kids or take night classes?

It’s more affordable and accessible than you think!

Let me come in and prepare all your meals for you. With a tailored meal plan every week and meals prepared to your needs, it’s a million times easier to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. When you factor in the money you already spend on groceries, meals out and the time cost you spend making the meals and shopping, the cost of a personal chef is worth every penny. You could even be saving money!

Starting from dinners only, to full meal plan packages, Plates for Plants offers you a great service so that you can start every day off healthy and energized.

We also offer event packages, from a romantic dinner for two to a large dinner party, we are ready to help make your event one to remember.

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  • Packages and Fees

    Standard 5x4 Service

    $325.00 + Groceries

    Perfect for dinners for the week for one family or lunches and dinners for a couple, 5 meals with 4 servings each. Can also work as a bi-weekly visit for couples.

    Standard 10x4 Service

    $550.00 + Groceries

    Lunches and dinners for a family of 4 for one week,or dinners for 2 weeks.

    Standard 5x2 service

    $225.00 + Groceries

    Dinners for one week for a couple or dinners for two weeks for one single person.

    Fresh Service

    $200.00- $350.00 a visit + Groceries

    Same as above but with two visits a week to prepapre foods so everything is fresh and no meals need to be frozen.

    All services are customizable to your needs, just send us an email with your needs and a package will be designed just for you. Plates for Plants prizes customer satisfaction and our personal chef services are all about you! We are open to any ideas you may have about the perfect package.

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    Juices +$100.00 week or 90$/day for a cleanse.

    Desserts and Snacks