12 Quick and Decadent Smoothie Recipes

A beginner's guide to making delicious smoothies, this book has 12 recipes ranging from simple to decadent. All of my favorite recipes are included! Tried and true, there is a smoothie for every taste preference. Features recipes such as Mango Madness, Pineapple Coconut Express and the Green Monster.

This book also features great tips and tricks to easily creating your own smoothie recipes with the highest nutritionnal value and the best taste possible.

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Vegan Party Recipes

Finally an answer to the dilemma of wanting to serve your guests amazing dishes at your next event, without compromising eating healthy.

These 22 recipes and tested and true with amazing flavours and endless compliments without oil, gluten, dairy or eggs. Which also means that in this day of food allergies and lifestyle choices, everyone can enjoy your spread.

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Going Bananas: How to eat them 101 ways

When going raw vegan, I started using bananas as my staple calorie source. But before long, I got bored of the same old banana smoothies and of eating them as is. From that, I have developped a ton of recipes on vastly different ways to go through a case of bananas.

Everything from cinnamon sugar banana bites, to maple pies and Chocolate fudge sundaes are contained within this book of wonders. Finally, an ice cream you can have for breakfast!

Available soon.