Why Juice Fast?


As I am on day 9 of a jucie fast, I figured this week's Lifestyle post was pretty much writing itself. I've done quite a few juice fasts, alhtough I prefer to call them feasts because really I am giving my body all the micro nutrients it needs to heal and detox. I love juice fasting for these 10 reasons:

1. When I feel like I need a detox, it's my preferred way to go. Using the "power" of fresh produce I can easily clean out any toxins that are accumulating in my body. It's much gentler than most herbal cleanses too. 

2. I feel like I'm not really enjoying food anymore. This usually means I need a good palate cleanse, which the juice feasting provides easily. It also resets your taste buds if you go for more than 7 days. I always have an issue with salt (I like it too much) and although I don't use much as compared to a standard diet these days, it does show in my face with puffiness and water retention overall is higher.

3. I have health issues (more specifically hormone related). A juice fast helps my body get down to business and heal whatever is ailing me. It takes time but it always helps with my symptoms. Some health problems can really benefit from a juice feast, and pretty much all of them from a few glasses a week with a whole foods plant-based diet.

4. If I lag on my water intake, getting some fresh juice and quality water in for a few days helps rebalance. Now, a full on juice fast isn't necessary for that, but boy does it help! I typically drink 2 liters of green juice, 1-2 liters of orange or orange carrot/pomegranate and 2 liters of filtered water. Be prepared to go to the bathroom alot in the first few days!

5. It provides me with more mental clarity. If I feel some brain fog coming on I like to at least up my juice intake. Load up on fresh green juices and the fog with dissipate.

6. Energy boost: Juice fasting is great for energy levels. I feel like having a green juice for breakfast is far more effective for energy than coffee ever could be. After a juice fast, I can push harder in the gym and in everyday life.

7. Reboot and relax. Doing a juice fast doesn't mean you have to stop your everyday activities, but I always use it as a "break" time from more stressful things. Stress and anxieties seem to bother me much less during and after a juice cleanse.

8. Reduces bloating and digestive troubles. This is a big one for me personally, I've always had digestion problems and doing a juice fast calms and cleans out the plumbing. I always have much less issues after this. Really when I keep my diet very clean and avoid eating out it doesnt bother me nearly as much afterwards.

9. Skin clearing. Want beautiful healthy skin? Get in the greens and veggies. Juicing really clears out and heals skin related issues. (And your hair will look amazing too!)

10. Weight Loss: This one is more of a nice side-effect than a reason to jucie fast. There are much healthier and long term ways to lose weight. Besides, you'll usually regain most of what you lsot afterwards, especially if you don;t follow a whole foods based diet following the fast.

So those are my personal reasons for jucie feasting. Since I'm no doctor, I like to refrain in giving you advice on why or how to undertake a juice fast. I find that it is a great way to get healthier, take a break and start anew. The healing power of green juices is amazing. Even if you aren't up for a full on juice feast, incorporating more of them in your everyday will energize and detox you.

Next week I'll share with you my juice fasting 101 tips and tricks to succeed.