WIEW Homemade Coconut Milk!


Welcome to the first What I eat Wednesday.

The purpose of this series is just to give a bit of a glimpse of what this blog is really all about. Lifestyle encompasses more than just the recipes I post, and along with the food I eat I'll talk about other subjects like fitness, meditation, self-love, gratitude and other lovely things that have proven to lead to better health and vitality.

I would also love some guest bloggers for What I eat Wednesday's, so if you feel up to it, send me a message or comment below.

I will also pop in a recipe now and again. Today it's something fairly simple: How to make fresh as can be Coconut Milk.

But first, let's start with breakfast!

The first meal of the day consisted of a beautifully ripe pineapple before the day's exercise (sprints and squats). It was really sweet and I'm guessing much higher in calories than any of the pineapple I've eaten in Canada. This is the biggest issue with fruit that's picked unripe and shipped, it just has no flavor, never ripens properly and cause digestion issues. I couldn't eat a full one because my mouth burned after 1/2. Now I eat to my heart's content!

Meal numero dos was a simple banana smoothie, I'd say about 10-12 medium ones. Just pulse blended in the blender with some pure water to the right smoothness and enjoyed throughfully.
I had another pineapple in the afternoon, I swear I could live on them!

Dinner was no doubt the most complex meal of the day. Rice with yams, red peppers, onion, nappa cabbage and a raw curry sauce made with homemade coconut milk.  The sauce is so simple, just one coconut worth of milk, 2 tomatoes, some curry powder and lime juice. If you use salt, add some in. I've been on a no-salt kick since January 1st and it's still taking some adjustment.

How to make Coconut Milk!

It's as easy as buying a coconut, I usually like using young thai coconuts, but whatever you have access to will work perfectly. Here, they have these yellow or green coconuts which are sometimes sweet, sometimes not so much. Anywho, cut open your coconut. There is a range of techniques and tools to do this, I've become pretty good at just using a knife. I suggest looking at a few youtube videos to see what works best for you. It's really worth learning!

Pour the water into your blender carafe. Now the trickier part, to get the meat out you can try a few things. The easiest way that may not get all the flesh is to just use a spoon from the opening you made to get the water out. Another way, which I always get my partner to do for me, is to smash the coconut on some hard surface (usually cement) to crack it open.

Once you've got the meat out, put it into the carafe with the water. Blend it until smooth. If you are going to cook with it, you don't need to add anything but if you want a sweeter milk, add in some soaked dates or coconut sugar along with 1/2 tsp of vanilla.