WIEW Holy Bananas


With being a high raw high carb kinda gal, sometimes you end up with just way too many ripe bananas. This is one of those days.

So my day of eating kinda went like this, banana smoothie, banana smoothie, bananas... Then I just couldn't anymore and had rice for dinner. Total count? 30 naners. Gives kudos to the whole 30bananasaday crowd.

Not too many pictures this time around, since a banana smoothie is not that pretty and I ate the rice directly out of the pot. I simply cooked it with spices (curry powder, cayenne, nooch after it was done).

Bonus Doggy Picture!

So all in al a very simple day food-wise.

Now, to address the "but you're going to overdose on potassium!" deal. The amount of potassium that needs to be taken in one dose to bring on an overdose of the mineral is xxxxxmg. One banana contains about xx mg. Times that time 30 and you'll see that it's far from being near deadly.

I have been tinkering around with writing a banana recipe book. The fact is, most of us raw foodies around the world keep bananas as our staple because they are widely available year round, cheap and delicious, not to mention full of the good stuff: nutrients. But eating bananas as is can get a bit tedious. In come the gazillion ways they can be consumed! I think 101 recipes is a decent place to start! Keep an eye out for it in the next few months.