What I Eat #2


For some reason, my most favourite blog posts or YouTube videos to watch are of the What I Eat variety. It's probably because I'm just that obsessed with food and am always curious to see how other people are acheiving their health goals, or just tasty tasty dishes. 

They also happen to be my favorite to film. It's a great way to connect a bit more with you, both through having more personal content with showing you guys my day-to-day plus it really keeps me on track with eating healthy and being more creative with my own meals, not just the ones for clients or recipe posts!

So my day starts off with 1 liter of water then into this gorgeous plate of fruit.

I am abolutey in love with these mangoes and savouring them before they go out of season! The Cara Cara ornages are also onntheir last leg, and the raspberries I used were frozen because holy are they expensive fresh right now!

Onto lunch! I make a habit of having a ginormous salad with something else, and today I was lucky enough to score some frozen durian on sale! SO GOOD!

I fell best on a 4 smaller meals a day plan, so mid afternoon I had this awesome sprouted bagel with cream cheese, beet and cabbage saurkraut and tomatoes. I ALWAYS have some kind of fermented food everyday to keep my digestive system happy. Having dealt with IBS my entire life and SIBO recently, this is how I feel great every single day and no longer experience debilitating symptoms. (I have a video series detailing this on YouTube, with a recap going up soon!)

Last but certainly now least! I had a good portion of a spicy thai quinoa salad with broccoli, peppers, onion and tons of ginger. For the sauce I mixed up some PB2, sesame oil, braggs and sriracha, plus water of course to make a low fat thai peanut sauce that is to die for. It's the simplest things that make a dish great!

So that's my day of eating! I will be posting more in the coming weeks (I promise!!)

Enjoy your lovely day!