VegExpo 2015


VegExpo 2015 was amazing! My companions and I had a great time browsing through the isles to discover awesome vegan items, local business and so much food. (You get to see my partner reluctantly posing in the first picture too!). I'll highlight my favorites: was an amazing booth that really showcased the budding business and it's goals to bring hard to find vegan items to Canadians. I bought quite a few things that I've had my eye on for awhile: Vegan Toona from Sophie's Kitchen, Peppercorn Brie from Vtopian, Butler Soy Curls and a Cocomel bar. My partner also got some Field Roast sausages, which we haven't been able to buy in a very long time. I also got to try Miyoko's Artisan Cheeses and I think I died a little. They are AMAZING. Unfortunately at $16.00 each they are a bit expensive but the quality is there.  Definitely motivation to buy her book and try my hand at making them.

I loved seeing The Vegan Project and Karina Inkster's book for sale at their booth (she's a vegan personal trainer here in Vancouver). Above is the Indigo foods table, where I enjoyed one of their raw-ish wraps, which was direly needed as I was hungry as. Was pretty tasty too! Just got a surprise as I thought it was raw and it had quinoa in it. 

I found that there were about a million supplement companies and the only one I was attracted to was Giddy Yoyo, since they have amazing tinctures and I picked up a large bottle of Wild Reishi extract, which is amazing for anxiety. Really, almost half the booths were supplements, I really would have loved to see more local businesses with whole food focuses. (I know, I probably should have participated, but the booth prices are a bit much.)

I just had to pose with the cow too, made my hair look a little less crazy. I didn't really stick around to the talks so I can't really comment on those.

Overall is was a great experience and I think I am going to try to grab a booth next year! I'll be posting reviews of the products I bought too in the coming weeks.