Vegan Month of Food 2015 Days One and Two.


I love September. Not for the pumpkin craziness that comes every year, but for Vegan Month of Food! This year is magnificient with a whole new twist to the insanity of 30 days of posts with 30 individual daily themes to follow, or not. I've chosen to do videos this year, get out of my little shell adn finally do soemthing I've been wanting to do forever.

Now be nice, I am SO not used to being in front of the camera! Somehow I've managed to get the angle of the camera so awesome that I look like I have a tiny bit of a double chin, but hey, tis showbusiness! I'll get it eventually! I'm actually enjoying it though, it;s just the getting started that's difficult. So here's day one with a What's for Breakfast theme:

AND day 2's theme was to choose a Chilhood Favorite meal, and I made my favorite Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd's Pie. Check out how to make it!