Vegan MoFo 2015 Week 2 Roundup


Week 2 id officially over! I did less videos this week and more pictures, mostly because I had to juggle more clients than usual, plus training for a half marathon and a few facepainting gigs... I missed 2 days, but I will be making up for them this week as we're on a roll to have most days be videos! Woo! How are you enjoying Vegan MoFo this year? Yay or nay on the new system?

Day 8: Reach out! Make a new vegan friend and tell us about it!
I decided to friend bomb a bunch of people on Instagram for this one, AND I'll be making a video soon on how I meet vegan friends!

Day 9: Most retro recipe
Skipped this one... I was going to make Stroganoff though, rain check? 

Day 10: Somethine Blue.
I was at the farmer's market this day and the sky was an incredible blue, so that was my choice of the day. 

Day 11: Focus on a nutrient.
 As you all know I am allllll about the carbs, so I showed ya'll my ripening case of bananas, but insta is being weird so here is a heart potato.

Day 12: Show us your favorite cookbook!
Didn't post, as I don't have a favorite, since I don't actually use them much anymore. BUT I love the pretty pictures and pull inspiration from many bloggers. 

Day 13: Kitchen Tour!
You get a video for this one! 

Day 14: Share some vegan and delicious with a non-vegan...
I shared my super secret gluten free pizza crust with you.