Top 10 Ways to Eat Avocado.


Sooo top 10 Friday turned into top 10 Saturday. Can't say that I am the best at keeping a strict schedule, I'm a bit more of a go with the flow of the day type person. Nevertheless, I am quite set on doing this 3 posts a week deal.

To start off the Top 10 series, I think that the delicious avocado is in need of a little spotlight treatment. Other than the occasional coconut/coconut milk, it's basically the only fat source in my diet. Unless I can find some durian, which I could go for just about now...

Anyways, like I said, avocado is a frequent addition to my meals. I have one about every other day or at the least every few days. While I could simply eat it with a spoon and be content, it's versatility has me making all kinds of things with it. Let's go from simplest to complex:

1. Topping:

Avocado makes a great topping to just about anything: grain bowls or a simple bowl of rice and braggs, sushi, pasta, refried beans, chilli, soups, salads, on top of salsa, quinoa, pizza, the list goes on!

2. As a sauce:

My favorite of all sauces made with avocado is this one which is a recipe for a mac and cheese that is so easy and delicious you''l thank me after the first bite.

I think that using avo as a base for any sauce that needs to be creamy works great. It also usually brings down your prep time because you don't have to cook it, simply blend and pour over the hot vessel that shall be receiving the goodness. My ideas include alfredo sauce, carbonara, hollandaise, vodka, sun-dried tomato or roasted red pepper sauce...

3. Dip.

Everyone knows the amazing food category that is guacamole, any gathering is incomplete without the fast-vanishing dish. I have a recipe for a basic one here. But what about a nacho dip? This one is super simple, mash avocado with nooch, hot sauce and a little braggs or salt. Maybe a little cumin or chili powder to fancy it up a bit.

It's also an essential layer to a Mexican dip. To prevent your avo dip from browning, add in some lime or lemon juice. It also always kicks up the flavor. You can always do what my partner does as well, simply cut and pit the avo, spray with a little lime and dip veggies directly in!

Guac mixed in with a bit of salsa, deeeelicious.

4. Mayo Substitute

In any way that you would use mayonnaise, an equal portion of well mashed avocado will do the trick. Try this one with a little Frank's hot sauce, instant spicy "mayo"!

5. As a vessel

That little dip in the avo is a perfectly nature give vessel to fill with delicious toppings such as fresh pico de gallo, roasted tomatoes and red onions, coleslaw, hearts of palm...

6. As a base for desserts

Making icing just got healthier, instead of using shortening, replace it with avocado. While a vanilla icing will come out green, it's easily camouflaged in chocolate or with a little beet juice for color. But hey, green icing looks amazing and will be a great conversation piece.

7. In a salad dressing

Craving ranch or ceaser dressing? Don't want oils or want to soak those nuts/seeds? Look no further! Avocado is a great base for any smooth creamy dressing recipe you want. Try using a whisk to mash and get to the creamiest consistency.

8. In baking recipes

This is a new one to me, you can apparently use avocado in denser baking recipes, like pancakes and breads. Replace the fats with avo and have some interesting looking baked goods!

9. In a gazpacho 

Raw soups are absolutely delicious, while they aren't all gazpachos, they are easy to make and only require a blender. If you have a high speed blender you can also warm up your raw soups a bit to make it all that more comforting of a cold day. The only recommendation I have here is to reserve the avocado until the soup is basically done so that it doesn't get too blended or cook since it can develop a somewhat bitter taste.

10. In risotto. 

Move over cheeze, I've got a new one for this creamy rice dish. Stir in some diced avocado to take it to the next level. Great vegetable pairings would be asparagus, zucchini and spinach, making this a very nutritious meal!


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