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"Will Travel for Vegan Food" Book Launch Interview

I first got the chance to meet Kristin from Will Travel for Vegan Food at two of her talks at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival, and it was one of those experiences that changes things.  See I had JUST started Plates for Plants at that point in time and her talks about her journey and how to run a successful blog really got me thinking I could turn this into a full time gig.

Vegan Travelling: O'Hare and Dulles Airport Reviews.

I see so many posts in vegan groups about how to travel as a vegan. People get very anxious about being able to find options in transit and at destination. Which is totally understandable because who wants to be stuck in an airport ravenous and desperate for a bite to eat?

The ULTIMATE Vegan Guide to Costa Rica

So, for anyone who has been following my blog, you all know that I spent 5 months in Costa Rica, more specifically near the town of Dominical. While this post is mainly going to be about that town, I want to talk about what a vegan can get food wise in general first.