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Mushroom Gravy

I've come to realize that making otherwise non-vegan friendly comfort foods into healthy vibrant dishes is sort of becoming my thing. I'm loving that I can eat all these things without a deep-fryer, excess salt and all that jazz. That being said, I don't really want to box this blog into just being that one thing.

CTFU Creamy Beet "Soup"

Sometimes, when one experiments in the kitchen, the outcome isn't exactly what you were going for. On some occasions, that means a disastrous goup that is pretty much inedible.Other times, it's a delicious masterpiece.This is one of those times.Going to the farmer's market anywhere in the world always gives you such amazing ingredients to work with that, for me anyways, it's hard not to be inspired to combine them to make simple yet delicious dishes.

Quick Black Bean Burgers

Sometimes, there just isn't the time or energy to make dinner, let alone a complex meal.

The Green Smoothie

So I totally went MIA and all. I caught what they call the MoFo flu, or at least that's what I'm calling it! I was too busy with too little organization and just derailed a little on the postings. I also had a week of clean super simple to the basics eating where nothing that involved more than a blender or boiling water was used.But hey, the blender got good use for smoothies, which I tend to have everyday lately. My usually combo is bananas, greens and some coconut sugar, but today we had some awesome ripe ...

Spicy Peanut Sauce

Words for today's Web Wednesday's were peanut butter and broccoli. Mainly because the broccoli was needing to be used and I had a random craving for peanut butter. Although I never usually buy the stuff I found an awesome new one at Veg Fest that I felt the need to test out. I might talk a bit more about when I've used it more.Now broccolli and peanuts together automatically got me thinking something spicy and asian. So of course the simplest recipe came to mind, spicy peanut sauce served over broccoli and rice noodles. Off to ...
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