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5 reasons why Going Vegan is easier, and more needed, than ever.

In 2010, going vegan was still considered somewhat odd, extreme and unhealthy. Fast forward 6 years and things have definitely changed. Over the past 6 years, I've seen a movement that was thought to be for "hippies", that I was somewhat ostrasized for, to being quasi-mainstream. These are some reasons why:

Vegan Month of Food 2015 Week One Round-Up

It's been a great first week! The best part is discovering a bunch of new vegan foodies from all over the world. This is this week's round-up from us:

Top Ten Exotic Fruit of Costa Rica

Fruit is the best of foods.Even better are fruits that are not typically found, or really found ripe or good quality, in most of North America. I mean, don't get me wrong: apples and pears and grapes are great when they're in season but when you start on a healthy diet that include lots of fruit, variety makes it that much sweeter.So, I dare you to expand your fruity horizons!A few of these are not necessarily local and indigenous to Costa Rica, but they are amazing, delicious and grow very well in the climates available ...

Top Ten Foods To use on Your Body

I love food.Which is pretty obvious I know.But I don't only love eating food, I also love slathering it on various parts of my body to make them smooth, soft, heal and smell nice. There are so many benefits to doing this.You have most of these items in your kitchen, so it's very accessible. It's also much much more affordable than those thousand dollar high-end products that are so full of chemicals and are mostly plant-derived anyways. So hey, just make 'em fresh in your kitchen instead and get amaazing results!1. Coconut Oil ...