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Baked Onion Rings - They're Fat-Free!

I've cracked it! First with my Hot Cauliflower Wings, now with these onions rings. A batter that requires zero oils or fats to crisp up beautifly in a hot oven. I have many many plans for this. Most definitely will be serving variations of these to people would join our secret dinner parties (more info coming soon, but you can sign up for the mailing list here.)

Root Vegetable Casserole

How time flies! I haven't posted in awhile, mostly due to the increased efforts I've been putting towards the launch of a personal chef service here in Vancouver. I'm getting SO close to being totally ready and I'm excited (and scared) beyond anything to be doing this. I have a few cooking classes ready to be advertized and will be making annoucements soon as to a schedule and all that. Personal Chef services are up and running, you can check out the services page for more information.

What I eat.

Since my planned recipe for yesterday didn't work out, I figured I'd do a combo post that showcases what it is exactly that I eat, what defines my food philosophy and also defines what this blog is all about.I became plant based as on January 1st 2010, starting off with a slightly pescatarian diet and quickly progressing to vegetarian to vegan to high raw in a matter of about 7 months. Since then my diet has varied a bit, but has fundamentally followed certain guidelines. I've had a ton of success on it and have regained ...