Strawberry Blonde Bakery


It's always a favorite activity of mine to check out the vegan and gluten free joints of the city I'm living in. Ottawa is home (again) for the next few months so I really wanted to check out what was new, what has changed and my old favorites of course!

Strawberry Blonde bakery is a cute bakery situated in west of Hintenburg, right off of *Wellington* Street West. Here is their website. They have a wide variety of treats, both sweet and savory on offer. You can make special orders from them with 48 hours notice or just pick up a few things from their lovely display.

AS I walked into the bakery, I was excited to see what they had today. I was seriously hopping they still had some cinnamon buns and their now famous fritters. *Sidenote: while this blog is all about being oil-free and low fat, I do find that exploring vegan businesses is very important. I also love cupcakes. It's all about balance!*

The brownies we're of the cakey variety. Since I'm more of a fudgey brownie person, I let other people get most of it. They enjoyed it as far as I could tell. The icing was definitely my favorite part.

My littlest brother and cousin enjoyed one of the sprinkle bedazzled cookie sammiches and scarfed them down in a glory of crumbs. I think they did the job quite well in satisfying their sweet tooth.

Ahhhhhh fritters. These were pretty darn tasty. I got a bite of the blueberry maple and ate a whole apple cinnamon one. They were crazy fluffy and I was seriously impressed with them overall. Maybe a bit more apple would ahve made them even more epic. I really suggest trying them out though. As a gluten free gal, it's not often you get to devour a donut that is better than any gluten counterpart I've ever had.

We didn't buy any of the bread, but a customer at the counter very enthusiastically gave me a glowing review.

The cakes were nice and sweet. A little denser than most, the cherry was generously spotted with real fruit and a fluffy cherry vanilla icing. The queen Elizabeth was a hit, I only got a small piece to sample and the flavor was pretty spot on from what I can remember.

Now I must speak of the cinnamon buns. They were out-of-this-world delicious and fluffy and moist. Just what yu want from a cinnamon bun. They were very very sweet though and I could only scarf down half of one before getting sugared out. I'd say they are a great treat to share.

Overall, this bakery is a great addition to the Ottawa Veg scene,I wish them the best! Although, I really dont think they need any luck with the quality of products they are creating.