RestaurantWare Product Review


I was asked recently by RestaurantWare, an awesome eco-friendly company that provides you with both re-usable and disposable tableware, to take a look at their products and post a review of them on here. So welcome to the very first Plates for Plants product review! 

So I perused their site and chose a bunch of their offerings that I was interested in. Getting the box in the mail was like Christmas. Most of the products I focused on were the disposable Bamboo ones, with the exception of the paper straws that are made of, well, paper. I found that in general they are all very sturdy and perfect for picnics, parties and anyone who runs a fundraiser or farmer's market stand. I'll go through my favorites individually. 

The bamboo paper bowls I got were the small and salad size. The small ones are great for sauces and dips, which I tested with salsa and they stayed solid, so no soggy messes! The salad bowls are a decent size for most people, although it wouldnt fit one of my gigantic dinner salads, they would work for a side salad for me personally. 

I absolutely loved the tooth picks, super solid and add a nice flair to food.

The paper straws are probably the best I've used, again I tested them by leaving them in that glass of water for a few hours and they remained usable. I'm also in love with those pretty designs and flashes of color. Theya re definitely a great alternative to plastic for events, but for daily use I like my glass straw. 

The little bamboo rack with paper cones is cute, I'd use it for smal snacks and it would probably work great for kids or condiments for two for a burger night or something. I think I'll use the stand more for making hand rolls, cone shaped food and the like more than with the paper cones. It's very sturdy and well made so I'm counting on it lasting awhile. 

The utensils impressed me the most, they have the quality that I've seen on reusable models. The knife is better for spreading than cutting though. 

Overall, I would defnitely use these products again and I'll be making an order as soon as I plan a few summer events. Check them out!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsered post. I have received the samples and compensation from the company linked in this blog post. All opinions, descriptions and photographs are my own and are unbiased opinions of the product or products included in this post. This post is for informational purposes only.