Quick Rainbow Ginger Stir Fry


Sometimes you just need a simple dinner that doesnt take too much time or effort. The stir fry is the ultimate fast and easy dinner since you can make the sauce in the same pan as the bulk of the meal, with some rice simmering away in the next pot. This particular recipe is a rainbow of vergetables with a simple and quick sauce that all comes together quicker than the white rice accompanying it.

Some nights, even I'm not in the mood to make a meal that needs any thought, while most of my recipes here are along this line, this recipe can be made anytime with pantry staples and no opening of cans or jars. Easily digestible and full of good stuff, it's also somewhat of a comfort food with the sweet ginger sauce reminiscent of Chinese takeout. 

As I'm preparing for Vegan Mofo this year, I've decided to make videos following the new layout of the celebratory month of vegan food. They'll also be a bit more personal and you'll actually see me in front of the camera! This is me out of my comfort zone but I think it'll be a greta experience alongside all the other participants. You'll even get to see my kitchen!