Pineapple Sorbet


I like to keep it really simple most days, and Wednesday posts is where I really want to showcase how eating very simply can be amazingly delicious and satisfying.
I was looking through my list of recipes that we're already photographed and realized I didn't really have anything that would fit that mission. Until I dug through some realllllllyyy old pictures I had taken in Toronto when I had no idea what taking a good food pic meant!

It's great to really see the progress I've made over the last 9 months though.

This pineapple treat could not be easier to make. It requires a bit of pre-planning to cut and prep the pineapple for freezing (or you can just buy it frozen). But other than that, all you need is a good blender or food processor and you are set. 
Did you know that its takes about 2 years for a pineapple to grow to maturity?
This is the type of recipe that really got me into raw foods in the first place. The ease in which you can make a wide variety of frozen treats is astounding. The variety is limitless and you can have ice cream for breakfast. Score!!

Sorbet has always been one of my favorite frozen treats and while you can find plenty of vegan choices at the grocer store, many of them have dairy and/or gelatin of all things. Not to mention preservatives and all those nasties. So why not whip up a little pineapple goodness in the comfort of your own kitchen?

Pineapple Sorbet

A super quick and simple way to make sorbet. Only using one ingredient and either a blender or processor you can have fresh and creamy pineapple sorbet ready to eat.



Prep Time
10 Minutes


  • 1-2 pineapples - diced and frozen


  • This is as simple and delicious as can be. Dump all your pineapple into your food processor with the S blade. Process until smooth.
  • Note: You may want to let the pineapple defrost a bit before processing, it’ll make it easier and faster.
  • Enjoy!