My 10 Favorite Meals


Since birthday's only come around once a year, I figured I would make a "special" top ten friday post about my favorite meals of all time. 

I will never understand those people who hate their Cake Days. I mean, it's your day to do whatever you want, to ask for things you normally wouldn't and to do whatever pleases you. At least, that's how it is in my mind...
I sort of push it even further most years with having Birthday Weeks, or at least a weekend... But this year, it'll just be a day it seems, since I spend all of my days now doing what I love.
Of course, I'm obsessed with food and have my day all planned out.Most of what I'll be eating are the recipes listed below, although not all of them have been posted here (yet). I'll be snapping pictures all day to get them from my table to yours. 
Nothing says Birthday like breakfast in bed... 
1. Banana Ice Cream
2. Caesar Salad

3. Cream of Anything Soup (Make this sauce into a soup)

4. Chili Cheese Fries

5. Taco Salad

6. Alfredo Pasta

7. Curry on basically anything. (This and This)

8. Mexican, but especially Burritos and Enchiladas.
9. This Mac and "Cheese" or this cheesy bowl of goodness.

10. Mushroom Bourguignon

11. Granola with almond milk

12. Gallo Pinto with Plantain

13. Falafels

14. Sushi

15. Anything Ethiopian

16. Any kind of dip.

I don't think I need to list fruit....

Seems I went a tiny bit over 10... What can I say? I love food and this list doesn't even cover it all. I'm the type of person where my favorite food changes depending on various factors. 

Now I have to fill up this list with blog posts for the foods that I listed that I currently don't have recipes for on the world wide web. I have a few already lined up though!