How to Make Your Own Kombucha


I've had digestion issues since I was very very young, and while a whole foods plant-based diet that is also low fat has VASTLY improved it, there are still lingering issues caused by the bacteria in my intestines not being up to par. SO I decided to start drinking and making my own Kombucha to see if it would help.

It has definitely helped a TON. I go days and weeks without being bloated at all, and I'm completely regular. This is a huge deal for anyone who has experienced life long digestive problems.

Look around locally for a scoby. Anyone brewing their own Kombucha will have extra scobies on hand as they "reproduce" quickly, especially in the summer with warmer weather a-plenty. You should see yours getting a new one a few batches in. You can compost it or start a new batch or even gift it so someone you know!

Here is everything that you need:

- 1 scoby
- 1 large jar that holds at least a gallon of liquid, more is even better.
- 1L pop-top bottles, or mason jars, or whatever you've got that is glass with a cover.
- A large pot for heating up water and steeping the tea.
- Green/black/White tea or a combo. I use half green, half black.
- Organic cane sugar
- A funnel
- A pitcher (opt but very useful)
- Whatever fruit/juice/spices or herbs you want to flavour your Kombucha with.
- Knife
- Cutting Board
- Tongs

Here are the steps written out:

1. You will be receiving your kombucha with at least 2 cups of Kombucha from the previous batch. Keep this in a glass bowl preferably. You want to avoid prolonged contact with metal.

2. If you have, and strain bottle the previous batch, set aside.

3. Warm up water equivalent to what your bottle can hold. When hot but not boiling, add the tea bags and sugar and let cool completely.

4. Make flavourings for your batch, if you have one, and insert into bottles. Cap them and either put in the fridge to drink or do a second fermentation for carbonated Kombucha.

5. Once the sweet tea is completely cooled, add the 2 cups of liquid to the bottle, then the tea. Let sit for a few minutes. This ensures that any bacteria is killed off before the scoby itself is introduced. With clean hands or tongs, carefully pop in the scoby into the bottle. Cover with a coffee filter and secure with an elastic.

6. Ferment your Kombucha in a warm, dark place for best results. Keep out of direct sunlight. Leave it for 7-21 days, depending on how string you want it to be.

7. Repeat when time has passed!

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