How to Eat A Jackfruit


Jackfruit is amaaazing. 
But it does seem like a very intimidating fruit, at least that's how it seemed to me the first time my partner brought a whole one home. They require a bit of prep and a few items to make sure you don't get full of latex.

First off, you'll want to gather a few thing: a good large knife, a non-absorbant surface to place the jackfruit on while you cut and harvest, some coconut oil (or some neutral oil) and two bowls. One bowl will be for compost and the other for fruit and/or seeds depending if you eat as you go or collect it all for afterwards.

Oil up your hands and the knife before anything.

Let's Start!

Cut the jackfruit in half, as above.

Then, cut off the middle stem part as best you can. This will make getting the fruit out easier.

Now the fun part begins!
Start pulling out the magical pieces of fruit as you can see my partner doing. Take out the seed and the membrane covering it. Eat or place in bowl.

You can keep the seeds and either roast or boil them for a snack.

Someone LOVES jackfruit and was patiently waiting for her share as we went along.

This is what the fruit actually looks like up close. It has an amazing sweet taste and a chewy, juicy texture. Ours didn't have a ton of fruit this time around. For a 9kg fruit we got a meal's worth of flesh.

The aftermath!

You can find Jackfruit at most Asian grocers. Try to get a whole one! They aren't usually ripe enough when pre-cut and will ripen on your counter if you buy them whole. You can also try out frozen jackfruit if you just want a taste before the big commitment of buying a whole one.



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