Greetings from Costa Rica!


I think I escaped winter just in time. The few days following my departure were the coldest days this winter, and now there's massive snow storms flying about.

Costa Rica is beautiful, as can be expected. It's also taking me a little while to adjust to the climate, since we're pretty close to the ocean, it's very humid. I love the humidity, such a great change from the dryness of heated houses in the Canadian winter.

That being said, I am still working out our kitchen. Since we are in a long-term rental, all the kitchen ware has been provided and it certainly isn't what I'm used to. Although, I did bring the Blendtec. There is no way I am ever going without a high speed blender!

Meals so far have been very simple. Tons of amazing tropical fruit, like the papayas above, have been my staple and will continue to be as long as we're here. I also have a few recipes in reserve from when we were in Canada, which will probably be the next month or so's posts. I'll be playing a lot with local ingredients during that time, as well as mixing up some great raw items for you. I also need to get more familiar with the grocery stores and fruit stands around here to really get a lay of the land.

All these gorgeous flowers grow everywhere, which just makes me want to take pictures all day long.

We are very lucky for a few more reasons. One, vegan food is abundant in the nearby town, there is an option at every restaurant, with two of them being organic with many (labelled) vegan choices. I will definitely be posting about them here and on the Facebook page once we've decided to treat ourselves to a night out.

Also, fresh fruit smoothies are everywhere. It's easy to ask them to make them with water instead of milk, although they aren't cheap (around $3-4). My favorite combination so far has been guanabana (soursop) and strawberry. I'll definitely be making it at home when I get my hand on another soursop.

Red Bananas growing on the property

Now that we've begun a New Year, I want to ramp up this blog a bit. I'll be adding some non-food lifestyle posts, such as skincare and fitness. I believe that whole foods eating and veganism are a lifestyle, not simply a diet and being healthy involves so much more than just food! So from now on, food is definitely still going to be the main topic of posts, but we'll be diversifying it a bit to really dig in to health and what it's all about!

I am now also officially a Blendtec Affiliate, if you are interested in purchasing one, all you need to do is click the Blendtec image on the right to purchase through me. I use mine daily and stand behind it 100% in terms of usability and quality. Check it out!

View From the Kitchen Counter

I would love to know what you guys want to hear from the blog. Any types of requests are more than welcome. I have one already on the many ways to use avocado that will be coming up in the next week or so.