Ebook Release!


What to serve or bring to parties and potlucks, ezpecially those with mixed diets involved, seem to be one of the biggest recent food dilemnas people are having. Personally, parties are one of my favorite times to serve vegan food to some who may not be familiar with it. It's a great opportunity to demonstrate how amazing and tasty vegan and gluten free foods can be!

So over the years, I've complied a list of 22 recipes that blow minds and always get many compliments and comments. What's better than hearing "That's vegan?!?"?

This book includes many previously unreleased recipes such has: Pizza pockets, Crispy Dill pickles, Onion dip and many more! Almost all the recipes have a full color picture to demonstrate how awesome your spread willl look. As always, all the recipes are vegan, gluten free and oil-free.

AND for the release, there is a special price that won't last long! Use code VegFest2015 by following the link in the sidebar and get the book for only $5!