Creamy Vegan Butternut Carrot Soup


There are times where there is nothing more satisfying that a big creamy filling and warming bowl of decadent soup. Presonally I prefer belnded soups, homogenous wonderful bowls full of flavor and a creamy texture that tastes like pure comfort. I will give a chunky hearty soup a try now and again, they definitely do have their place. As a vegan, coconut milk is the queen of fatty creamy substances to use, at least it is for me! So in this recipe I opted for butternut squash, carrot and coconut milk to bring together the BEST soup I have ever made. I even made it twice in a week because I couldn't resist it.

This is really the qunitessential simple soup though. There's not a ton of ingredients, they are are whole foods, they're all easy to find.  

Lately, since this weird weather just can't make up it's mind I've really been juggling recipes between warm and comfort and spring. Because let's face it, Vancouver right now is not winter, it's barely fall. It actually smells and feels like a permanent spring, I wouldn't be surprised if the trees started blooming again soon! Of course, I have no complaints. I LOVE summer and warmth. Hence why I spent 6 months in Costa Roca and a big reason we moved to Vancouver was the weather, as dull as some people may think it is. 

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