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Fat-Free Onion Rings

Appetizers and snacks are always a favorite around here. I used to be that person that would just order a bunch of appies at a restaurant instead of a main meal. These onion rings are didiculous, both in the easy and tasty categories. Fat-Free and crunchy, theyre also gluten-free! With simple ingredients that are easy enough to find. The chickpea flour might be labelled as Channa Flour or Garbanzo flour and is pretty widely available in grocery stores. But you can always find it at an Indian Grocery as well. 

Butternut Mac and Cheese

It's always funny to em to hear people talk about how complicated being vegan must be, when really it's so simple and affordable. This Butternut Squash based Mac and Cheese can be made any time of year and is less than $8.00 for a full emal that can feed 3-4 adults. It's also gluten free, soy free and nut free, so pretty much everyone can enjoy regardless of food allergies.