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Rawk'n Beet Juice

So as usual, I have changed my mind a bit on how I want to continue Vegan MoFo, I just decided to not post on Sundays because to be honest, I'm getting a little overloaded with things to do and that gives me just enough extra time to relax and have everything pre-prepped for the week.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

My favorrite way to start off the day is with a liter of lemon water and then a large fruit or green smoothie. I find that when I start the day off on the right foot with that combination, I have a much easier time sticking to a healthy day and easily get my daily intake of fruit and greens, as well as water. I do usually follow a Raw till 4 approach, with some days with more raw, others with more cooked food. As much as being 100% raw is the ideal, at least for me, it isnt super ...

Starfruit Limeade

Chocolatey Milkshake

My dog ate my brownie.Now other than the first reaction, of being concerned for her having eaten chocolate once again (I swear she's developed an immunity), I was sad. Mostly because baked treats are a rarity in my foodie life, by choice of course. I have them occasionally, but in reality I prefer the vibrance of a low fat, no oil lifestyle that enables me to feel my best.So maybe she was doing me a favor more than anything.After that incident, I figured why not make something that will satisfy that sweet tooth while being healthy ...

The Green Smoothie

So I totally went MIA and all. I caught what they call the MoFo flu, or at least that's what I'm calling it! I was too busy with too little organization and just derailed a little on the postings. I also had a week of clean super simple to the basics eating where nothing that involved more than a blender or boiling water was used.But hey, the blender got good use for smoothies, which I tend to have everyday lately. My usually combo is bananas, greens and some coconut sugar, but today we had some awesome ripe ...
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