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Quick Rainbow Ginger Stir Fry

Sometimes you just need a simple dinner that doesnt take too much time or effort. The stir fry is the ultimate fast and easy dinner since you can make the sauce in the same pan as the bulk of the meal, with some rice simmering away in the next pot. This particular recipe is a rainbow of vergetables with a simple and quick sauce that all comes together quicker than the white rice accompanying it.

Vegan Kung Pao Chicken

Expo and Festivals are my favorite places to find new and exciting things to try out. I get all giddy and excited in the few days before, pretty much because getting to meet and chekout all the awesome vegan businesses out there make me happy to see that other people are also just as passionate as I am. AT the VegExpo here in Vancouver, I picked up some Butler's Soy CUrls, since I have heard so many great things about them.

Easy Mac and Cheese

I simply cannot believe that I've never posted this recipe. CANNOT. This had been the go-to recipe for fast, easy and simple mac and cheese in any household I've lived in since going vegan. It has followed me from Ottawa to Vancouver and everywhere in between. It takes less time to make the sauce than it does to cook the pasta. It's rich and satisfying while being healthy as. If that's not a winner I don't know what is!

Chanterelles Mushroom Pasta

I feel like I am one of the weirdest people sometimes. I'm on day five of a juice fast and making flax crackers because I see 1. too much waste and 2. too much potential in the pulp that we're creating in bowl fulls. So batch one is in the oven now, while I made dog treats last night.  Juice feasting is both incredibly rewarding and difficult. With my hormone issues still driving me a little coo-coo, I felt like I needed to take a break and just cleanse out. My personal favorite way to cleanse is juice ...

Sweet and Spicy Vegan Pork

Most of the time, I kinda cringe at using meat names to describe my vegan recipes. But with this recipe for Sweet and Sour Vegan TVP, it was just so ridiculously similar that I got the "Are you sure this doesn't have meat?" remark from my roomies and partner. I always get some weird satisfaction when people are "surprised" that what I've made is plant-basd, it's proof that you really can have your cake and eat it too.
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