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Sweet and Sriracha Cauliflower Bites

Cauliflower is one of those now famous ingredients that can be transformed into so many amazing healthy dishes like Cauliflower Alfredo, or Cauliflower Hot Wings. The "wings" are by far the most popular recipe on this blog. Transforming otherwise non-vegan items into plant-based deliciousness is really my most favorite thing to do. So I made my very first recipe video on a new variation of them combining sriracha and sweet chilli sauce for an awesome dish that's great to serve at parties or a snack. Enjoy!

Jalapeno Cashew Cheese Dip

I am snacking on this as I write and my dog is stealing all the cucumbers on this gloriously warm Vancouver day. Aside from that, it's pretty delicious. I actually bought a spread that inspired it, partially because it was so good, but also becuase it's an expensive item to buy. I made it cheaper to make by replacing half the cashews with sunflower seeds which means I can definitely add it to my dinner party and personal chef menues. 

Baked Onion Rings - They're Fat-Free!

I've cracked it! First with my Hot Cauliflower Wings, now with these onions rings. A batter that requires zero oils or fats to crisp up beautifly in a hot oven. I have many many plans for this. Most definitely will be serving variations of these to people would join our secret dinner parties (more info coming soon, but you can sign up for the mailing list here.)

Hot Cauliflower Wings

Sometimes, a post comes together so perfectly, I just can't put it in the usual line up process. I HAVE to post it right away. These Hot Cauliflower wings, which can easily be made buffalo, mild or bbq style, are the perfect party or snack food. Bonus: They are totally fat free. I'm definitely bragging about this one to promote my cooking classes and personal chef services here in Vancouver.

Chili Roasted Chickpeas

When it comes to snacks, I'm all about easy. Most of the time, I try to choose fruit or veggoes to snack on but once in a awhile a nice little crunchy roasted chickpea is jusssssst right. These little balls of bliss are so easy to make, it's barely a recipe. I live tossing them in different spices or "sauces" to make different flavors. This one, however is my go-to since I always have some kind of chili powder kicking around.
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