Caramel Rice Crispie Squares


Desserts aren't really something I make too often. Mostly because my sweet tooth is satisfied by fruit or banana ice cream. But sometimes there are thing I get curious about making vegan versions of, I like showing the versatility of veganism and the whole whatever you cna eat, I can eat vegan things. SO I made these amazing Caramel Rice Crispie Squares that everyone loved. I am very grateful that I have men in the house that will eat them. Cause I had two pieces and then I gave the rest away to them. 

These use the magical-ness that are Dandies marshmellows, and while I did use some coconut oil, they would work by simply melting the marshmellows in the oven for 10 minutes and then stirring in the rest of the ingredients for an oil-free version. The caramel is made with coconut milk and cocnut sugar, so two ingredients that I use often already and means that its all healthy fats and a low glycemic option. It would be great on any kind of dessert, including banana ice cream!