Cafe My House


I had the chance to check out the new location of Cafe My House here in Ottawa. Their new location is very quaint, on Wellington St. West. The restaurant has a great backyard patio, where we sat to enjoy our meal. It was a great day for it too! Not too hot, a nice little breeze and great company!

We started by sharing the cheese plate, which had a Dill Herb cashew cheese, a coconut based Brie, a Kale crusted goat cheese and a peppercorn provolone. All vegan of course! It was accompanied by fresh berries, gluten-free crackers and pickled carrots and grapes. The cheeses were all quite distinctively delicious, with the coconut base being my favorite and the provolone a close second. It was a perfect portion to share between three of us too.

For the main course, we decided to share all 3 plates. First up is the Cauliflower Panna Cotta with Lima Bean falafels. To be honest, it wasnt my favorite of the meal. That being said, the falafels were very well cooked and pillowy soft on the inside. The panna cotta was my first time experience of the evening and I found the texture nice and creamy. The pickles on the plate and raw salad complemented the textures and tastes of the plate very well.

The next plate was a raw zucchini spaghetti bowl with a tomato sauce, kale goat cheese, spiralized beets and micro greens. I absolutely loved the combination of the sauce and cheese on the noodles. The noodles softened beautifully in the sauce and really gave the impression of pasta. I absolutely love and miss zucchini noodles and this was really a great dish overall.

Last, we had the Arugula and mushroom salad. This was so so so good. The combination of the greens, potatoes and mushrooms with a great lemon-dill cashew dressing was just the best part of this course. I could have eaten a very large bowl if this one. The greens were also particularly fresh and spicy, adding so much flavor.

Our last course was the dessert sharing plate, as you can see it is a very generous plate with 5 different desserts. All 3 of us were more than satisfied when this was done! There are 3 cheesecakes: mango, key lime and strawberry basil. All 3 had perfect texture and balance between acidity and sweetness. My favorite was definitely the strawberry basil, a great combination that I think I am going to introduce to my smoothies. The coconut tiramisu had great creamy texture with hints of coffee and chocolate flavors that hit the spot, and reminded me of an old favorite. The chocolate cake was dense and almost brownie-like in texture (it's made with coconut flour!) with a earl grey chocolate ganache on top.

Here's Kelly showing off the impressive lenght of the zucchinni noodles.

Overall our dining experience was enjoyed through fully. The work and thought behind the dishes at Cafe My House shine through the entire meal and will definitely be seeing me again. Next up: I definitely want to try that brunch menu!