A Very Vegan Thanksgiving


With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I though a little round up of recipes on the blog that I would serve for thanksgiving would be a perfect way to start implementing Wednesday posts again. Since we just got here, we probably won't be having a big dinner or anything, but I will definitely be making some pumpkin recipes over the weekend to get in on the holiday cheer.

For a nice hearty and sweet breakfast, I would serve either Carrot Cake or Apple Pie oatmeal (or you know, both) along with some Green Smoothies for those of us who prefer fruit during the day (aka me). I think a great start to the day should be simpler with all the cooking that would be planned for the day and both the oatmeal and the smoothies are going to give a boost of carbs to get the day started off high energy.

I'm an appetizer person, so I will definitely be serving up some Sunny Hemp Cheeze and Vegan Crab Cakes before dinner time, probably with some Chipotle Hummus and Spinach Artichoke Dip to keep the rest of the day after breakfast more of a grazing time than an actual meal. Personally I would be having another meal of fruit before jumping in and would have an array of fresh ripe fruit available for everyone to have throughout the day.

Now comes dinner! I would serve up my Black Bean Loaf as the main, with mashed potatoes and Mushroom Gravy. Other sides would be: Green Bean Casserole Pasta, mashed carrot and rutabega and not so traditionnaly Nut-Free Ceaser Salad. 

For dessert, I would simply serve Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream and Blonde Macaroons.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!