"Will Travel for Vegan Food" Book Launch Interview

I first got the chance to meet Kristin from Will Travel for Vegan Food at two of her talks at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival, and it was one of those experiences that changes things.  See I had JUST started Plates for Plants at that point in time and her talks about her journey and how to run a successful blog really got me thinking I could turn this into a full time gig.

Chickpea Flatbread

Sometimes, I really try to imagine what we did before the internet. Although I was pretty young when we got our first dial-up connection, I remember information being so much ahrder to find and access. Now, thanks to this magical technology, discovering new food is as easy as looking at your instagram feed. That's where I found out about Socca or Chickpea Flatbread. There are many different cusisines that have their own recipe for it and it's already gluten-free!

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

Spring is definitely in the air now, at least here in Vancouver it is! All the flowers are blooming and the air and sun are warm during the day and satisfyingly chilly at night. This means that casseroles and hearty dishes like this Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie are still very very welcome in the cool evenings. This dish is a delightful twist on the classic I grew up eating. Although it had very different ingredients, this still reminds me of evening with my family as a kid.

Hot Cauliflower Wings

Sometimes, a post comes together so perfectly, I just can't put it in the usual line up process. I HAVE to post it right away. These Hot Cauliflower wings, which can easily be made buffalo, mild or bbq style, are the perfect party or snack food. Bonus: They are totally fat free. I'm definitely bragging about this one to promote my cooking classes and personal chef services here in Vancouver.

Root Vegetable Casserole

How time flies! I haven't posted in awhile, mostly due to the increased efforts I've been putting towards the launch of a personal chef service here in Vancouver. I'm getting SO close to being totally ready and I'm excited (and scared) beyond anything to be doing this. I have a few cooking classes ready to be advertized and will be making annoucements soon as to a schedule and all that. Personal Chef services are up and running, you can check out the services page for more information.
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