How to Go Plant-Based: Part Two

Chanterelles Mushroom Pasta

I feel like I am one of the weirdest people sometimes. I'm on day five of a juice fast and making flax crackers because I see 1. too much waste and 2. too much potential in the pulp that we're creating in bowl fulls. So batch one is in the oven now, while I made dog treats last night.  Juice feasting is both incredibly rewarding and difficult. With my hormone issues still driving me a little coo-coo, I felt like I needed to take a break and just cleanse out. My personal favorite way to cleanse is juice ...

Fat, SIck and Nearly Dead 2: A Review

How to Go Plant-Based: Part One.

Cauliflower Alfredo

Spending the holidays away from home mens cooking a bit less, but with hosts such as we have, it's actually great since we've been eating pretty healthy and keeping up with our choices. It's rare I get to sit back and enjoy just the food without going to a restaurant! It's a welcome break but at the same time it's really giving me the time to organize some great cooking days and make up some recipes to be tested. 
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