5 reasons why Going Vegan is easier, and more needed, than ever.


In 2010, going vegan was still considered somewhat odd, extreme and unhealthy. Fast forward 6 years and things have definitely changed. Over the past 6 years, I've seen a movement that was thought to be for "hippies", that I was somewhat ostrasized for, to being quasi-mainstream. These are some reasons why:

1. Films and documentaries like Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy.
 These movies have been a huge influence on how people now view their health, their impact on the environment and the impact they are having on other's lives. With films coming out from every perspective, Forks over Knives for Health, Cowspiracy for both health and environment and the classic Earthlings for the animal rights side, there is plenty available to educate yourlsef on the impact you make on the world with every bite you take and every dollar you spend. 

2. Organizations declaring Meat as Carcinogens
 Recently, the WHO declared processed meats like bacon and lunch meats to the classed in the same carginogenic class as smoking cigarettes. It was shared so many time on my social media feeds, I doubt very many people didn;t hear about it! But this isn't really news, the WHO used data from over 800 studies before officially declaring their stance. They also added red meat as a possible carcinogen.

3. The explosion of books, blogs and resource sites
In 2015, there was an astounding amount of books published to help and convince you that going vegan was the way of the future, for you health and your family's. Some of these are the best recipe books I;ve seen! Which means you can go vegan and still experience the taste of all the things you love to eat. You don't even have to spend a penny with marvelous blogs like Vegan Richa, This Rawsome Vegan Life, Vegan Yack attack and so many more.

4. SO many new products.
If 2016 is ANYTHINg like the past year had been, we are in for riduculously amazing vegan products. Vegan cheese has been revilutionnized, even Daiya has reformulated and become a no excuse alternative, meaning it tastes so similar, there is no excuse not to switch.  Beyond Meat and Gardein have wide ranges of products to asatisfy eben the pickiest eater. While these are still processed foods, their impact on health, the environment and animals is worth making the change if changing to a whole foods plant-based diet isn't your thing. 

5. Global Warming can no longer be ignored.
And there is more than enough proof that animal agriculture has to go. With all the talk about fossil fuels and clean energy, the fact that animal agroculture far surpasses fossil fuels in transportation emissions and pollution of our land and water sources is being ignored.  Let's wake up and make a change for our future!