Korean Grain Bowl

It has been a long time <3

What I Eat #2

For some reason, my most favourite blog posts or YouTube videos to watch are of the What I Eat variety. It's probably because I'm just that obsessed with food and am always curious to see how other people are acheiving their health goals, or just tasty tasty dishes. 

Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls

Some mornings, a smoothie or juice, which is the norm around here, just doesn't cut it. I want something rich and that tastes like dessert. This is where these energy balls come in. While there are about a million ways to make them, this is definitely my go-to. 

Earth Balance Mac and Cheese Review

Mac and cheese has always been a personal favorite of mine. When I went vegan, I was lucky enough to find a recipe that I adored and was really easy to make. While I now have about 20 different recipes under my belt, I do like to try out the boxed kind that reminds me of being a college student. 

My Health Journey

Although I rarely wrtie about ymslef and the reasons behind this blog, and my desire to reach as many people as possible about the benefits and tasty-ness of being vegan, I know that personal stories are pretty mucht he msot powerful tool towards making a difference in this world. So I'm going to step far out of my comfort zone and talk about my health journey!
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