Hi! Welcome to Plates for Plants!

That's me! I'm Natasha. In my mid-twenties, I like to think that the world is my home. Canadian by birth, I have this life plan that involves exploring the world for a few years. Since I have accomplished that, I have now "settled" in Vancouver, a city that I fall in love with more every day.

My love for food has lead to the founding of Plates For Plants Personal Chef Services in Vancouver, British Columbia. This service provides specialties in plant-based or vegan and gluten free cusisines as well as food allergies, health issues such as cardiovascular, diabetes and high blood pressure. My personal experience as a private chef, in restaurants and through the making of this blog brings an original twist to traditionnal recipes made healthy.

You will notice a few things on the blog:

- I like challenges. Making something that is usually unhealthy into something healthy, nutritious and just as delicious is my calling.

- I avoid oil and salt, on top of providing mainly gluten and soy free recipes. I have nothing against soy, just don't happen to eat it often.

I am always open to requests, comments and suggestions!

You can always contact me here.

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